Question: Help with class parents! Desperate!

Hi, all. I'm a vp for our PTA. We just had our class parent lottery to choose class parents. As usual, there's an issue here & there with the pick. We just had an issue where a parent is saying she was lied to and there is another one where a class captain doesn't want the position and we now have to shift the parents. Is there any way to alleviate these issues or is it a case of no one will be happy no matter what? People are getting downright nasty about it. I took this position after the previous vp stepped down due to similar issues.

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Javagirl328,
It sounds like you have a lottery system that works, so be comfortable sticking with it. It also sounds like there are a few complainers and and that's not uncommon at all. I think the best way to alleviate the issues is to keep to the system, explain to folks how it works, make clear you are doing your best and trying to keep everyone happy. When you take on a new position and some people rock the boat, it can be unsettling. But be confident you are doing a good job!

As a by the way, we are just now launching a brand new site,, that will provide room parents many great resources. The Facebook page, is in full swing. These could be really helpful to your class parents!

Good luck and stay in touch,
Rose C.

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