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Should a PTO board be made up of teachers and paid school employees that out number parents and should a husband and wife be President and VP on the same board?

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Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi there,
You want to check your group's bylaws, which likely addresses these issues. Generally, teachers are welcome on PTOs. It is a little unusual, though, for them to outnumber parents. We've heard of husband and wife teams on board before. It definitely requires a little extra work (on their part) to make sure all is above board, but as long as it is ok according to your bylaws, then it's worth a try.

Rose C

Community Advice

rjmat writes:
Check with your bylaws first. If it is not clear, I suggest that PTO be made up of parents and the Principal. Teachers are always welcome to attend to the meetings. Teachers rarely would attend.

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