Question: Booster Member/Teacher who is bullying/slandering Athletic Board Members and abusing her position

What can be done (if anything) over a very out-of-control situation. We have a teacher who volunteers on the booster club (not on the board) who launches verbal and email attacks on Board Members. She has a history of doing this but at this point, she is absolutely out of control. No one seems to want to stand up to her due to possible ramifications for their child. This is at the high school level but this woman is an absolute bully and has totally subverted all Board members on important issues requiring discussion and votes. She sends out slanderous email and verbally assaults people in meetings. She is very passive aggressive and I am beside myself. Suggestions welcome. I am ready to go to the school district with the problem. HELP!

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Rose H writes:
Hi there!
Are you head of the booster club? In that capacity, you can check in with her, ask her if you can sit down with her and have a conversation. Take the approach of asking her how you can help, that she seems to be upset or troubled about a particular issue. This will start a conversation, you can better understand where she is coming form and you can share with her how some of her actions are being interpreted. This is a best case scenario. If you've already tried talking to her and expressing your concerns to no avail, then it's time to up the ante. Let her know your group feels she is creating conflict and perhaps taking a break from the group would be best for her. If she's sending all sorts of nasty emails, you can refer to those to show her how the situation is simply not working out.

Good luck!
Rose C.

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