Question: Being bullied by a Cause who think thier cause is more important.

We have been planning a 5K fun run for the kids and families at our school since Sept. We picked a date based around the other two 5k runs our town has. One group always has theirs in the fall and the other in May. So we pick April 11th, as to not impede on the other groups even though we all have different reasons for doing 5K’s. We went before our town to get all the proper approval. We have been asking for sponsors since December. We have sponsors already and a contract with a race timming company. We have the route all mapped and the police all set to work it. The School principal and gym teacher are helping with all the aspects of planning a 5K.This past week our president was verbally in several emails bullied by one of the other 5K's in town. They made a choice to move their 5K to 2 weeks after ours The emails are questioning our Presidents intergrity and saying we have been sneaky and should have gone to them and that their cause is more important than the our school. It is so bad they went as far as to email the school and complain about our President. She is so upset she wants to resign. We unfortunately are cancelling our 5K we have to cancel the timming company and refund all the sponsers, cancel the police and all the other things we have booked. All because the group bullying us has many friends in town and we don't need them bashing us as a PTO or our president as a person. We are not a large town we have fewer than 500 kids in our k-2 school. What can we do about this? Is it wrong of us to confront the other group? Will it just make things worse? How can we help our president thru this?

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mum24kids writes:
I don't see any point in confronting the other group at this point, since you have already canceled your event based on their communication. I think the time to reach out to them and try to work something out was before the cancellation was done. If you made plans around their event, and then they changed their event timing to be closer to your event, then bullied you into cancelling yours, they seem to be the ones with an issue. What are you hoping to accomplish by going to them now?

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