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Question: Principals decision??

This year our PTO has been having some difficulites...we had a late vote (November) where there was a new president voted in. She has now resigned as president, and our VP is more than ready to take over. In the middle of all this, we have gotten a new temporary principal. Our new principal has decided (without meeting or speaking to any remaining member) to disband our group and let the new principal come in next year and make their decisions. Is this allowed or is this something the group needs to vote on?

Asked by emuffett02



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Rose H writes:
Hi emuffett02,
Wow! Lots of changes! Is your group set up as a 501c(3)? If so, the temporary principal can't simply disband your group. This principal could, however, make your lives more difficult by not allowing you to meet or hold events at school.

Curious why this principal would want to shut down your PTO at this point in the year. (It really sounds more like as a temporary administrator, he or she doesn't want to deal with a parent group.) Do you have spring events scheduled?

Can you sit down with this principal, talk about what is already scheduled and explain how disruptive and counterproductive it would be do cancel these events. Perhaps a compromise would work here -- no more new activity, but go forward with already has been scheduled.


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emuffett02 writes:
We are not listed as a 501c because the board before us had the district take over the account, as requested by the district. We have to go through the school for all purchases.
As far as the principal she is now running 2 schools, and her other school has a fully functioning Pto, so I don't think that it's a problem of her not wanting a parent group. When I spoke to her this week she informed me parents were more than welcome to volunteer during the school day, which as a working mom makes it very difficult for me to be involved now.

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Rose H writes:
Hi again,
So, it does sound like she is open to parents volunteering, and understand what you are saying about not being able to participate during the day. What about events scheduled for the remainder of the school year?


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