fundraising with asking for money

I know there are fundraisers like shoparoo, Boxtops, AmazonSmile and Target Gives where proceeds are donated to the PTO from people just doing things they normally do. Are there any others and are they working?
- jenniferhetling

Some grocery chains still have loyalty programs like the Target program, but they seem to be declining. The next level is a gift card program where you purchase gift cards at a discount and sell them for face value. This requires strong organization and oversight on the group's part. It can be profitable if you get a core group of parents participating regularly.

Here's a link to an article that explains how it works. The article is a bit old -- programs are more sophisticated now -- but the basics are the same. Scrip Fundraising: How It Works
- Craig
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Scrip Fundraising: How It Works: https:/

Our school participates in the Tools for Schools program. It is offered by local grocery stores. You save receipts and turn them in for points which can be used to purchase items for the school.. The last two years we have gotten playground equipment.
- deeta291
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One of the best ways to manage a fundraiser is with We have used this program for years and strongly recommend their product. They have a free trial anyone can take a test drive before they decide!
- teachme
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