Question: Bringing Programs to School?

We are trying to find programs to bring in for all school assemblies. In the past we have done COSI (science) and the Zoo. I would love to find something cultural as our school is a small, rural district with about 99% white population. I am struggling to find programs. We are located in SW Ohio.

Asked by emoore17



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi emoore17,

I'd like to bump your question over to our new PTO & PTA Leaders Group on Facebook. I'm guessing you could get some good responses there. It's already a very active group with a lot of very helpful leaders sharing ideas.

Here's the link to the group. You are welcome to join! And welcome to post any questions you have.


Community Advice

abigailqt1 writes:
I too am looking for assemblies on diversity, culture, lifestyles etc as our school is in a tiny mostly white community. Thanks.

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