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Does anyone know of reputable business where our parent group could buy multiple printers??? we are looking about 21, one for each classroom, to help teachers be more efficient in lesson planning. Currently all the school staff use the same ONE printer in a library which often gets too overloaded and doesn't print or gets stuck in reprint. Not very efficient and wasteful. Any help or advise is greatly appreciated.

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Rose H writes:
Hi Missy42983!

We'd recommend you post this question in the PTO & PTA Leaders group. It's a very active group and you are sure to get some feedback from fellow leaders on how they either did this or would approach this. (Wondering if it would make more sense to invest in one or two higher-end printers to pick up some of the work from the main printer rather than purchasing many individual printers? Worth thinking about maintenance issues down the road.)

So, here's the link to the PTO & PTA Leaders group:

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