Question: Term limits

Our board is currently serving their first year. All board members were voted in and started serving at the same time. The by-laws state that the terms are no longer than two years unless no one steps in to serve that position than the board member may hold that position longer. The board appointed a nominating committee for the board positions for next year. If it is a two term limit and the person has served one year and want to continue - do they have to be nominated and elected again to serve the second year. Or does the nominating committee just goes out to general members to see if anyone want to run for the board position against a current board officer. I was thinking we do not need a nominating committee if all board officers want to serve their second term. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks

Asked by Kaufmann



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi Kaufmann,

One way to look at this is term limits and elections, while related, are two separate things. Do you bylaws say that elections will be held every year? Or every two years? If it is every year, then you should hold an election -- open up the process to anyone who wishes to run. If the current folks were elected to a two-year term, then it sounds like you are all set.


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