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Can Executive Board Meetings/PTSO General Meetings be held if there is only one person? At the end of the school year the other board members resigned their positions because they were not returning this school year and no one volunteered to take their positions. Can anyone tell me how a PTSO of "one deep" can leave a paper trail, etc. especially when it comes to money when its only one person doing everything. Thank you.

Asked by garcia04



Advice from PTO Today

Rose H writes:
Hi gracia04,
So, it sounds like you have some challenges there. Time to send out an SOS to try to get a few parents to step up. Send out an email asking for help -- these folks don't have to join the executive board per se, but you do need some help starting off the school year. The big concern here is you really should have someone in the treasurer's position and a separate person functioning as president/leader.

Focus on getting a few folks to help out first. Then take care of meetings.


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