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Question: Does a shared board position get 2 votes?

We recently allowed our PTO Executive Board Position of Fundraising Manager to become a shared position by 2 volunteers. Can anyone refer us to Robert's Rules, or other governing guidelines (California) as to if we should or should not allow the position to now have 2 votes?

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Rose H writes:
Hi there!
So, I poked around Robert's Rules forums online to see if I could get a good answer for you. The most common response was to have a group refer to its bylaws, but that didn't sound like it would work for you because this change sounded relatively new. So, would you be able to include language about cochairs and voting when you next amend your bylaws? One thought to share: It would seem that if the general membership was voting, each member should have a vote. However, if the executive board was voting, it doesn't seems fair for one position to have 2 votes.


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