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Question: Removing Board Member

Our bylaws state if a board member misses 3 meeting, the position is considered vacant. Otherwise, we have no other process in removing a board member. Will majority vote suffice? Our Parliamentarian is causing unrest, rumors, and slander about other board members to the parents/volunteers. Our principal is aware of the situation and complaints voiced by parents. Our principle wants to ensure there is minimal backlash from the Parliamentarian if she is removed from her position. I would also like to note that the previous board voted to remove the Parliamentarian position however the previous teacher representative "created" the position again at general elections for the current board. The new board felt their hands were tied since it was a public general meeting and did not want to cause unrest within our community.

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Rose H writes:
Hi there,
Has this board member causing the unrest been missing for 3 straight meetings? If not, sounds like you don't have grounds to remove her. But, in the meantime, it sounds like a situation that could be helped if you speak with this person directly. Can someone meet her for coffee and point blank (but nicely) ask her what's up? That she seems to have concerns with the group and you'd like to talk it through to resolve it. Typically, when you take that approach, one of two things happens: There really is a problem and you can work on it to resolve it, or you discover the person is a gossip/troublemaker and you've put them on notice to stop that behavior.


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