If your group is looking for a fun way to raise money and build a sense of community, consider doing a series of restaurant fundraisers this year! Restaurant fundraisers give families a relaxed way to meet up, and parents usually love them because they get a night off from cooking while also contributing to the school.

For a restaurant night, your group works with a local restaurant to host an evening for your school. Families go to the restaurant and have a meal as they ordinarily would. The restaurant then donates a percentage of the profits it makes from the meals ordered by your families.

We have lots of resources for you. The restaurant fundraisers vendor directory has links to dozens of restaurants throughout the United States that offer fundraising programs. Loads of restaurants offer fundraising opportunities, so this list will be a useful starting point.

In addition, we have a step-by-step guide that covers the basics for running a restaurant fundraiser event, including how to contact restaurants, work with a local restaurant manager, create themes, and publicize your event. Or download the free Restaurant Fundraiser Planning Kit—it has everything you need in one place, including planning tips, a timeline, and lots of tools to promote your event, like flyers and reminder stickers.

Originally posted in 2015 and updated regularly.