We often get calls—sometimes very last-minute—from parent group leaders who are about to host a big event only to discover that they need insurance for it. 

Let’s start off by saying don’t worry and you aren’t alone! If you need insurance immediately, we typically can get your group on a policy within 24 hours. 

But now let’s get to the bigger issue here. Often leaders aren’t sure what their group’s status is when it comes to insurance. This is understandable—insurance is not necessarily top of mind for a new leader just taking the reins of a PTO. Typically, insurance (or lack of) becomes a concern only when something occurs, such as when a group is scheduling a big event and the district wants proof of insurance coverage, or when something unfortunate takes place, like an injury or theft. 

Often, PTO officers assume the school district covers them. And in some cases, that’s true. But not always.

So if you are uncertain about your group’s insurance status, here’s what to do: 

1. Call your school district and explain you are looking for information on your group’s insurance coverage. 

2. You may discover that the district does provide coverage, and that’s good news! But ask the district to review what is and isn’t covered by the policy. It may be helpful to get a copy of the policy, too. You may find the coverage is limited for your group’s needs. For instance, the policy may provide general liability coverage but may not offer additional coverage like crime coverage or directors and officers coverage. 

3. Once you understand what the district’s policy covers, you may determine that it falls short of your group’s needs. If that’s the case, consider getting insurance for your group. We of course recommend you take a look at the offerings from PTO Today! Our leader support staff can walk you through the different types of coverage so you can select a policy that makes sense for your group’s particular needs. Also, you can get summaries of coverage on our Types of Insurance page (which you can download as an info sheet, too). You can sign up at any time during the year and renew on an annual basis. You also may find it helpful to review our Events Coverage section of our Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you’ll find even more detailed information on what types of coverage is best for different events. 

4. You also may find that your district does not provide coverage for your group but requires that your group get its own insurance. Again, it’s common for groups not to have checked. But we also hear from many groups that they have had district coverage and are then informed that the coverage will be discontinued. In these cases, assess your needs and evaluate insurance policies to determine what will work best for your group. You may also want to inquire whether other parent groups within your district are in the same boat. We can provide insurance at a discount for parent groups within a school district.