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Teacher gifts/food

7 years 4 weeks ago #163621 by Rachel
Replied by Rachel on topic Re:Teacher gifts/food
Whenever we budget money, we ask "how does it benefit the students?" The only PTO money spent on teachers is $50 for school supplies at the beginning of the year (which all benefit the students) and about $500 for an appreciation week lunch and small gifts for 70 staff members each day: 1 decorated sugar cookie, water bottle/crystal lite, bag of trail mix, dessert day, (less than .50 each/day). Conference meals are all specifically donated money/food. Christmas="Wish Tree" school supply items donated by parents.

PTO also has to be strong and not let the principle dictate where the money goes. They may have an opinion, but it is up to PTO. If you keep one constant thought in mind, it helps guide you, "How does this benefit the students?"
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