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Guest Speaker

5 years 10 months ago #172130 by Peter Berry
Replied by Peter Berry on topic Guest Speaker
I am Peter Berry, author of The Adventures of Frankie is a series of books for middle school kids that struggle to enjoy reading. These stories, along with the companion website , are designed for parents, grandparents, teachers and tutors to help kids learn to enjoy the magic of the written word.

As part of my Grand Plan I am offering my time to be a guest speaker for PTAs/PTOs:

PTA/PTO Guest Speaker

Talking directly with parents is key to getting them excited about using The Adventures of Frankie with their kids. Therefore I am offering my time to be a guest speaker for your PTA/PTO.

In order to minimize expenses, the presentation will be live via Skype. I’ll start with an introduction of myself and The Adventures of Frankie. Followed by a reading of one or more chapters and a tour of the companion website. Then closing with a question/answer session that typically leads to a discussion.

For more information about my plan to help middle schoolers learning to enjoy reading, check out my introduction video .

Please visit my Kick Starter campaign where you can make a pledge and receive a bunch of books and have me as a guest speaker!
23 years 4 months ago #54392 by alicecummings
Replied by alicecummings on topic RE: Guest Speaker
One of the best speakers we had this year was a local counselor talking about the "middle school years" and what our kids were going through at this age to make them the "angels" that they can be at 12 and 13. :) She was excellent and it was free (she had business cards there, and I think she got a couple of clients out of the deal).
23 years 5 months ago #54391 by Doreen
Replied by Doreen on topic RE: Guest Speaker
Your local police dept should be able to send someone to speak about child safety, a local drug treatment center could send someone to speak about the signs of drug use (you didn't say how old your kids were - this would be more appropriate for middle/high school). The library could send a rep to talk about getting your small children ready and excited about reading. Use your imagination - there are a million people anxious to share their knowledge with an audience!
23 years 5 months ago #54390 by Lis
Replied by Lis on topic RE: Guest Speaker
We have a guest speaker for just about every monthly meeting. In the past we've tapped our own teachers to present info about specific programs or simply to give an overview of the activities/goals of their grades, the principal and/or ass't superintendent to review mastery test scores/goals, local professionals (social worker, financial planner re: college tuition planning) who come as a professional courtesy at no charge (promotes their business), our own school social worker and nurse, the district science director, an educator from a nature center, the middle school principal with a "panel" of students to answer questions abouth the transition to middle school,etc. Ask your membership for ideas and I think you'll get quite a few that you can use.
23 years 5 months ago #54389 by alicecummings
Replied by alicecummings on topic RE: Guest Speaker
We have one speaker at every meeting usually having to do with parenting or kids. This year we've had two speakers from the school system (1 on reading with children and 1 on learning styles) and we had 2 speakers from the college in town.

The speakers have helped with attendance at meetings.
23 years 5 months ago #54388 by 4Kids
Guest Speaker was created by 4Kids
Iwould like to plan a guest speaker for next year. Any topic ideas or suggestions on how to find a speaker?(cheap?)
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