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Middle School Assemblies/Speakers

6 years 3 months ago #172406 by Academic Entertainment
Replied by Academic Entertainment on topic Middle School Assemblies/Speakers
Please check out our website for middle school assemblies and guest speakers - Give us a call at 800-883-9883 for prices/date availability.
19 years 3 months ago #54901 by <AJ Reynolds>
Replied by <AJ Reynolds> on topic RE: Middle School Assemblies/Speakers
We had Kevin Wanzer at our school as well. I have seen so many assemblies over the years and have never seen anyone even come close to Kevin.

He is perfect for ALL grade levels and also has a wonderful evening program for parents.

Well worth the investment. Well worth the effort!

His site is

You will love him.
19 years 3 months ago #54900 by KDW
Replied by KDW on topic RE: Middle School Assemblies/Speakers
Wow. Just as 2 incidents have occured at our MS/HS with bullying.

Great timing. Thanks for the info. [img]smile.gif[/img]
19 years 3 months ago #54899 by Chrissie
Replied by Chrissie on topic RE: Middle School Assemblies/Speakers
David Parker - or provides keynote presentations to middle school and high school students. He can tailor the engagement to your school's needs (like if there is a particular theme). He's toured nationally and has a slew of references.
19 years 8 months ago #54898 by Momski
Here's the link - sounds really fun!

Also try the National Speaker Association website for more ideas:

Just because you live in NY and the speaker is in CA - check their website - sometimes you can piggyback an event if they are speaking in your area and save $$$.


[ 10-28-2004, 10:16 PM: Message edited by: Momski ]
19 years 9 months ago #54897 by granger
Replied by granger on topic RE: Middle School Assemblies/Speakers
The middle school kids at our school really got into the assembly to learn how to Stack Cups. It's called speed stacking or something like that. It was very popular and the kids talked about it for a long time! I know they have a website but I can't remember the name. Search speed stacking and you'll find it.
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