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Inexpensive Banners?

14 years 10 months ago #55033 by MJBAB
Inexpensive Banners? was created by MJBAB
Our PTO would like to purchase a few banners before school opens. One can be a generic Welcome to our school....the other we would love to have custom with our PTO logo. Any ideas where to find inexpensive, good quality banners.
14 years 10 months ago #55034 by antelala
Replied by antelala on topic RE: Inexpensive Banners?
Try your local sign shops. I think you can get a sign with the vinyl lettering (one color) starting at $13.00 a foot. I believe they start at 4 feet tall, then you calculate how many feet wide you need by the price. I too was wanting to do something like that, however believe that this year we are just going to go the old fashioned way...... hand made :rolleyes: .
14 years 10 months ago #55035 by Rockne
Replied by Rockne on topic RE: Inexpensive Banners?

It's hard to do them justice online (where you can't touch and feel them), but check out these banners:
Click here to see the great banners in our store. (scroll half way down)

They're the best quality we've found anywhere and the graphics are terrific. You can customize the top and bottom messaging for your own preferences. Highly recommneded.


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PTO Today Founder
14 years 10 months ago #55036 by Critter
Replied by Critter on topic RE: Inexpensive Banners?
I'll vouch for the PTO Today banner - we have one and it's very bright, the printing is very clear, and it's heavy weight vinyl with grommets in the corner. We haven't used ours outside yet, but it feels like it could handle a little weather just fine. We put the word "Welcome" at the top and our PTO's name at the bottom. I'm a big fan of signs made of a twin bed sheet and a can of spray paint, but this is way classier and will last much longer.

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14 years 10 months ago #55037 by C. Brooks
Replied by C. Brooks on topic RE: Inexpensive Banners?
If your school or orginization has a contract with someone like Coke (don't mean to open a can of worms about that) they would probably make you a sign for an event or something. Of course it would be temporary. It wouldn't hurt to check that out, if it is free you could use that until you could purchase one from PTO Today or Positive Promotions. I am sure PTO Today has the best ones though. ;)

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14 years 10 months ago #55038 by Debbieomi
Replied by Debbieomi on topic RE: Inexpensive Banners?
I found a 3'x10' banner that you decorate yourself for $9.99 from S&S Arts and Crafts. They also have flags for $6.99. These are a great inexpensive way to advertise lots of things. We are purchasing two banners, one for our craft show and one for Christmas craft shop. The flags we will use as reminders for Cash for Trash collection day , Family Fun Events, and Indoor Dismissal for rainy days. If you have a very artsy person willing to create these, I doubt you will find cheaper.
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