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Voting on new officers before closing books?

8 months 1 week ago #172954 by ecpunk
PTO President wants to go ahead and have our last meeting at the beginning of April and vote in new officers- school does not end until end of May.
Our books won't be closed at the beginning of April and we will still have one fundraiser going on.
I feel that if we vote on a new executive team they technically start running the PTO after the election and the current PTO executive committee is out.
Am I looking at this the right way?
7 months 3 weeks ago #172982 by Liz L
Hi ecpunk,

Typically, bylaws will define the transition date. In some PTOs, the new officers take over immediately upon election. In other groups, the existing officers serve until the last day of school. Another approach is to transition at the start of the PTO’s fiscal year. If your bylaws are silent on this topic, Robert’s Rules of Order stipulates that elections take effect immediately.

So, check your bylaws. If they don't say, and transitioning officers in April is new and not an established tradition, you'd need to have buy-in from all the incoming officers and work out how you're going to handle the upcoming fundraiser and closing out the books.

Good luck!
Liz from PTO Today
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