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Should teachers be allowed to vote

16 years 5 months ago #57724 by dteklinsky
Should teachers be allowed to vote was created by dteklinsky
I am currently seeking advice on whether teachers should be allowed to vote for the election of executive board members. We are currently updating our by-laws and there are some who want to put in the by-laws that teachers not be allowed to vote when electing the executive board. Does anyone else have this in their by-laws? I feel that the teachers are an important part of the PTO. Please help.
16 years 5 months ago #57725 by intomykids
Replied by intomykids on topic Should teachers be allowed to vote
The teachers absoulutely should be allowed and encouraged to vote. Why?

1. This is a parent/teacher organization.
2. The teachers need to buy in to the organization or they will not give you the support you need.

I cannot think of a good reason NOT to let them. Favoritism? Well, you have that with the general membership as well!
16 years 5 months ago #57726 by JHB
I agree. If you don't want them to be voting members, don't call it a PTO.

If your concern is that teachers might band together and elect too many school staff to the board, then amend your bylaws so that the board membership requires a specific balance.

Otherwise, I can't imagine why you would want to restrict their participation.
16 years 5 months ago #57727 by mykidsmom
Parent Teacher Organization......
Parent Teacher Association.....

That is a really good way to take away any way for teachers and parents to work together to achieve the best they can for the school. Weither or not the teachers can attend ever meeting or not OR are elected to the Board, they are just as important cog as you and I are.

That's all I have to say about that.
16 years 5 months ago #57728 by jonwilson
Replied by jonwilson on topic Should teachers be allowed to vote
Our bylaws specify that to be an officer, you must be a parent/caregiver with a child in on of our schools (we have a PK-2 school and a 3-5 school). Also, attendance to our Executive Council meetings is open to committee chairs, school reps, officers and any interested members. The floor is open at the beginning of these meetings for anyone to address the group. The the open forum is closed and we (chairs, reps and officers) get down to business. Routinely it is just officers and an occasional chair that attend, but it is broadcast that anyone can attend.
As for voting, anyone can join the organization provided that they subscribe to the goals of the group and our bylaws. This allows them to vote on any and all matters from elections to spending money.
I hope this helps.
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