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Can bylaws expire??

5 years 2 weeks ago #172905 by legalista
Replied by legalista on topic Can bylaws expire??
bylaws have to be renewed.  Usually, they say when on the first page.  They can be readopted, amended or just voted on, but the membership is supposed to go through the form of voting.  Not having current by laws doesn't mean they cease to exist, it means the executive board (the bylaws person) made a mistake by not renewing with the State on time.  It's usually no big deal to correct, as long as you are NOT TRYING TO DO ANYTHING INCONSISTENT WITH PTA RULES!
17 years 6 months ago #61517 by Punky
Replied by Punky on topic RE: Can bylaws expire??
Thanks for replying. I didn't think they expired but didn't know 100%. Yes, I agree that this person who told me that they expire is looking to do something outside of the bylaws. This group, the current PTO, is quite "shifty". For more info see my post titled "Have to vent".
Have a great weekend!
17 years 6 months ago #61516 by Serendipity
Replied by Serendipity on topic RE: Can bylaws expire??
No, bylaws do not expire...unless your bylaws have a wacky clause in them that says that, but that would not be the norm.

Boards do not typically write all new bylaws. They make ammendments to them for the things they need to change when the need arises.

It would seem to me that the person who told you they expired is looking to do things outside your bylaws. For arguments sake...if they had expired why would you just not write new ones instead of saying we don't have any so we can do whatever we like.
17 years 6 months ago #61515 by Punky
Can bylaws expire?? was created by Punky
The bylaws for our school are from 1992. Someone told me that after 10 years they expire and the PTL doesn't need to follow them. I've never heard of this. Is this true??
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