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How to deal with a difficult principal

16 years 5 months ago #141060 by #1Prez
Our PTO organization has been virtually useless over the last few years, no policy, no organization, no support. This year, I was made prez and things have been moving. Still, no major attendance at meetings but we have been working to get more parents involved.

Here is the problem, the director of the school is an old tyrant! He is rude, overly controlling and is never around. He talks to all of us as if we are his subordinates, that inculdes parents and our PTO staff. Every idea that has been presented get changed, when ever attempts are made to dicuss parent concerns, he is more concerened with who said it than what is said, and he is not happy with the fact that we encorage parents to speak up and speak to us regarding thier concerns if they feel that they are not getting through to staff directly.

My basic question is, what do i do to get this man to stop approaching me in such a disrespectful way. I do feel that if I were a man, he wouldnt dare do or say the things that he has about our group and the things we are attempting to do.
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