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Anyone heard of Smart Boards?

15 years 8 months ago #141881 by FoxMom
It looks like some companies offer package deals-- 1,200 each includes rolling boards, software, and projector-- as you add more, the deal gets better.
15 years 8 months ago #141748 by pan01801
I've seen the Smart Boards in action. They are a terrific interactive educational tool. What is the general price range for Smart Boards, as well as Mimio and CPSs.

Thanks in advance

15 years 8 months ago #141683 by robertsofthehill
Replied by robertsofthehill on topic RE: Anyone heard of Smart Boards?
Served on 3 boards, with significantly different needs because of the way our school/grades are set out. Read below.

We implemented the Smart Boards in our K-1 school. 30 classes. We funded the full project, which yes, included projectors, etc. It is a great tool for interaction and involvement. Very easy to scan the lessons into the computer or use them on the projector.

Additionally, we looked at funding them at our 2-3 school. They elected to go with the CPSs (Classroom Response Systems). They are great as well. The teacher uses a laptop and LCD and the students all have small "clickers" (remotes). A question appears on the screen and the children select their "individual responses. This is a good tracking mechanism within classrooms and across the grade level to make comparisons. There is complete privacy (however, the teacher can determine the student to initiate needed studies/help). It's fun, like a game show and the children stay more involved and pay attention. Just like the Smart Boards. This was 30 classrooms as well.

Now, currently in our 4-5 school we are funding Turning Point. To make a long story short. It is very similar to the basic CPS but more expanded. Again, 30 classrooms.

I substitute as well at the schools so it's been neat to use the systems myself in the classrooms. I like them all. Turning point takes more effort to have the lessons set up in the system, but well worth it.

Smart Boards are better for the younger students. CPS are very good. Hard choice, but all three are very great purchases.

Demo all three and see what works for your age group the best.
15 years 9 months ago #141556 by rnbowmom
can anyone list some of the sites that you have purchased or looked into? sites or companies that should be shyed away from?
15 years 9 months ago #141484 by FoxMom
Some companies run specials on the Smart Boards... if you buy so many they add additional equipment... if you can't buy before the time is up... contact the company and see if they would extend the deadline or ask what other specials they might have.
15 years 9 months ago #141472 by BSMSpto
Too funny that I came across this today. Our school as asked the PTC today if we would fund part it. Something about they can buy 3 and get one free but need to submit by the 31st - - - - - -
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