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PTO President shared my personal concerns without my consent

6 years 9 months ago #171723 by Rose H
Hi MsGuzman2,
This stinks. Plain and simple. If you can do it, you should confront the PTO president. You could also ask to speak to the teacher and let her know you were sharing concerns in confidence that were never meant to be repeated back to you. She should understand that we all need to share and unload about things that worry us -- so I don't think the way the teacher confronted you was fair, either.

There's not much else to do here, sadly. But, know you know the character of the PTO president and clearly, she is not a person to confide in.

Hang in there,
6 years 10 months ago #171704 by MsGuzman2
I live in Middletown NY, my family and I are new to the area and my oldest just started Kindergarten; in this time I became friendly with the PTO President at my son's school. I shared personal concerns and information in regards to my son's teacher and class; I asked her not to share this information with anyone. Today my son's teacher approached me and said "if you have a problem with me, I would appreciate it if you told me." I want to know if there is someone I can speak to in regards to this situation and the fact that I entrusted my PTO president with personal information and she freely divulged it. I am so angry and hurt by her actions.
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