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When all the teachers are against one person on your board

6 years 6 months ago #171832 by Rose H
Hi bjgaines04,

We're sure this must have been very difficult. It seems with such harsh comments being made that it would be appropriate to ask for a sit down meeting with some of the teachers. Put it on the table...It seems like we need to do a lot to improve our relationship and how can we make that happen? Take a "let's move forward" approach so you get a better sense of how to work with them.

6 years 7 months ago #171821 by bjgaines04
So I recently put out one of the surveys that was suggested to do so that you can start off on a good foot next year. Well, I have been president of our PTO since 2014 as NO one in Our Very small town will take the position m but I;;m beginning to think that the teachers turn the parents that ask about it away.
All the keep saying is their is transparency in the funds, dishonesty.
We go to the principle and let her know what we are doing, planning, fundraisers, We have a monthly PTO meeting, and every 3 months a Board meeting. Well NOBODY comes including teachers. No insight as to what they want, just sour words, I was DEVISTATED by what I read on the surveys. They are made because we don't like getting classroom party receipts in our mailbox constantly, Every day they have classroom parties, But if the PTO asks them to come to a preview of the Book fair, or Christmas shop quick 10 minutes of classroom time were told that that's TEACHING time. But yet my daughter alone last month had three different classroom parties' Good behavior parties, we all turned in our homework parties, We all lined up on the line parties. Were do we draw the line? We even changed the time for our meeting s to a time right after school to accommodate them. Right after school and still NO one came. We should be holding elections this month but there are no parental involvement at all just 3 woman that seemed to punched down constantly. we are able to get parent volunteers for most book fairs and holiday bazaars but not for like family night type of things. No one comes to our Movie nights! It's like the whole town thinks the PTO is mud!! We use social media, we recently started up a web site, we send out flyers and even that they say we send home to many fliers. Can you believe it! I'm at a lose and ready to tear my hair out. All we seen on our surveys was AUDIT< AUDIT them. The MONEY IS ALL THERE> IF THEY WANT TO do it, then DO IT!! The Superintendent and the school Principle looked things over and they were fine with it. Our Principle is even on the account with two of us. The money is all there, we were trying to save for a big project on our playground, but evidently because we are saving that is short for IMBEZZELING! We also all had to have background checks to work for or volunteer at the school. I would think if any of us had a bad record that we would be told by the superintendent that we couldn't be on the PTO, but someone had the audacity to write down on the survey that they need people that don't steal and don't have ARREST RECORDs on the PTO. What can I do, evidently they don't know what defamation of character stands for.

Please help me find the light at the end of the tunnel. without having to give up something I love to do!
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