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student achievement & how can PTA help

5 years 5 months ago #172420 by Bennyillup
Replied by Bennyillup on topic 4h0baw30
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5 years 6 months ago #172361 by BrettSob
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20 years 7 months ago #64079 by mykidsmom
Took my own advise and let me give you a better address go to About WaMu then Community tab and there was a section on invovment but it said it was being worked on SO I am going to try back...
20 years 7 months ago #64078 by mykidsmom
I have just learned of a Math program with Washington Mutal Bank that sounds really neat! And of course I gave the brochure to teh PTO Pres but their web site is

Hope that helps!
20 years 7 months ago #64077 by copymom
I know where you are coming from. Our school with in the last year has been low. We have a reading program where local people come in and read with the kids. It works really well. The math and science are harder. We have brought in a science program/ assembly this year. The kids really enjoyed it and learned some.

Maybe PTO could donate some prizes for math bingo.
What I am hearing from our school is it's the actual facts that need work.
Our school has started the math minutes.
The students have a small page of problems to finish in one minute.
The only problem is that they time it and count it as part of the kids grade. So kids that freeze during test are not geting the benifit.
Good Luck! [img]smile.gif[/img]
20 years 8 months ago #64076 by MarylandMom
Several years ago, reading scores on state assessments were terribly low, so the state implemented extensive reading programs and counties added more incentives on top of the state incentives. The result? Scores rose incredibly over the last ten years. The problem is, with all the emphasis on reading, math and science have been cast by the wayside. Now school officials are wondering how in the world our children's math scores could have possibly been allowed to get so low.

As a side note, Maryland is recognized for have the highest educational standards in the nation, but unfortuately, those standards go unmet year after year. Officials are now talking about exploring new math incentive programs to help bolster scores on the various tests and of course report cards. But many of those programs will require new staff and frankly, our district doesn't have the money.

My question is, how can my PTA help with these programs, are there any extra activities we can sponsor that will help foster a change in attitude about math, and where can I go for ideas on programs and curriculum advances in the subject?

I have booklets and literature from NCES, USDE, MD SDE, and ERIC to make available to parents, but in a high poverty area, not many people pay much attention to that kind of stuff. I plan on exploring having school officials, university professors, and other locals to our school for a presentation to our parents on this problem, but I would like to do more.

Any suggestions?
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