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Teacher Personal Questionnaire for Parents

18 years 3 weeks ago #65953 by ShellyA
I would be interested in reeiving any forms that you have put together. We sell scrip at our school and thought there might be a way for parents to buy the gift cards that reflect the teachers needs and interests. I agree that something for the classroom makes a lot of sense too. After 2 years of teaching, my sister-in-law had more cnadles, stationary and items with apples on it then she could ever use.
18 years 1 month ago #65951 by SimplyMom
Replied by SimplyMom on topic RE: Teacher Personal Questionnaire for Parents
Mine has favorite restaurant, appetizer, store you like to shop at, hobbies, birthday, snacks & drinks, and a school supply wishlist for their classroom. It was extremely useful during teacher appreciation week when I was filling baskets for every teacher.

The favorite restaurant and appetizer is for when I want to give a gift certificate or bring them a special treat for lunch.
18 years 1 month ago #65950 by Downrivermama
Replied by Downrivermama on topic RE: Teacher Personal Questionnaire for Parents

When you get your survey completed, could you send me a copy? I'll be the new PTO this year and think that is a great idea. Our school sells scrip as a fund raiser and that info would come in handy. Thanks. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
18 years 1 month ago #65949 by Lori Koch
Replied by Lori Koch on topic RE: Teacher Personal Questionnaire for Parents
Thanks for all the great responses. I spoke with my son's teacher and she was very excited that I was putting something like this together. As much as they need things for their classroom they do (as does everyone else) enjoy personal gifts. I will be working on the questionnaire this week and will send it to anyone who is interested. Thanks again for your input!
18 years 1 month ago #65947 by SHC
We had our teachers fill out a form like that and put all of them in a binder that stays in the school office. It includes things like their favorite restaurants, hobbies, birthdate, etc. It was neat--we did it for the first time this year.
18 years 1 month ago #65946 by RidgetopMom
Replied by RidgetopMom on topic RE: Teacher Personal Questionnaire for Parents
Our form asks favorite color, special interests (reading, watching movies, etc), fave restaurants, book stores, flower, dessert, places to shop and comments/something else you should know about me.
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