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Tagging Inappropriate Messages on this Forum

14 years 11 months ago #146283 by KathrynL
Thanks JHB for starting this thread. Last night we saw an unusual number of inappropriate posts. It really helps when folks report the abuse so we get notified and can remove the posts quickly.

Our webmaster is working hard on a solution to prevent these types of posts from appearing at all. Unfortunately the spammers find ways to get through the filters and then we need to find better filters. Hope to have something in place soon.
14 years 11 months ago #146272 by mi3sons
Thank you. I saw them, didn't read, but wondered how to report. Now i know!
14 years 11 months ago #146271 by Ellen
Thank you for posting that information. I did not know what to do, so your update helped me! I will definitely report the creeps that find their way through the filter!
14 years 11 months ago #146270 by JHB
Good point. Thanks for including that. Yes - yesterday had quite a lot of "spicy" postings and another wave came through last night. But hopefully they'll be gone before most of you read this. (I know porn is a billion dollar industry - but I'm thinking it's not a fundraising activity we should pursue. Agree?)

A website like this is a prime target and most of the attacks are auto-generated. So they can churn through hundreds/thousands of attempts in minutes. Only a tiny percentage get through and I'm sure the PTO Today Team is constantly scrutinizing the defenses. It's an endless battle.

And some aren't so awful, just inappropriate. For instance, this community does not allow postings that are advertising. So the vendors who post with messages periodically offering XYZ services need to be tagged as well. (They know better - community boards rarely allow self-promotion. And it's basic courtesy to check the rules before posting in a new environment.)
14 years 11 months ago #146267 by njmom
Just make sure you are logged in. Otherwise the red and white triangle won't appear. JHB, thanks for posting this info - there were a number of spam messages posted late last night.
14 years 11 months ago #146246 by JHB
As a veteran member of these boards, let me make sure all of you know where the "abuse button" is. When you read a thread, look in the top right corner and you'll see a small red and white triangle. Click that to report abuse.

The folks at PTO Today do a fabulous job putting filters in place and manually removing items that slip through. But we all need to help. After all, this community is all about collaboration.

If you see a post that snuck through that is spam, adult content, or inappropriate for the guidelines of this community, flag it by clicking the triangle and then ignore the posting. Our PTO Today hosts will clear it quickly. Tagging these will bring them to their attention more quickly.

As always - thanks to all members for your sharing and assistance. And an extra big THANK YOU for the hospitality provided by PTO Today!
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