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PTO Today Forums - Formats

15 years 7 months ago #146927 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: PTO Today Forums - Formats
Will it fix formats going forward or those already in place also?

In this thread - the initial post - in IE7 no bullets or numbering display. For FF2.0 they display but are out of whack, positioned to the left, half outside the line that borders the message.

I'm now posting this with Firefox. Was just trying to post a reply to your TEST post with IE and it's been processing for more than a minute but hasn't actually submitted yet. That might be a transient server issue. Let's see if this one posts.
15 years 7 months ago #146923 by Rockne
The new version is live. Would love to hear of any problems you're experiencing so we can get things back to the best format(s).



PTO Today Founder
15 years 8 months ago #146526 by gjcoram
I've been having trouble with the ordering also; when I click on a forum link from the list of all boards, it takes me into the forum with the "Sort by" set to "Thread Title" and "Date range" set to "Last Day" -- so on Monday morning, I often get an empty forum.

I went into my settings and changed the date range to use Last Month instead of Forum Default, but I can't seem to change the "Sort by" to get Last Post instead of Thread Title by default.
15 years 8 months ago #146495 by Rockne
Hi Jim -

Believe they've always been oldest first. One possibility -- perhaps the program used to always automatically jump you to the bottom (last post). But the order has always been this way.

Will check.


PTO Today Founder
15 years 8 months ago #146494 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic RE: PTO Today Forums - Formats
I'm not remembering the order as different, but I may have simply forgotten. I didn't see a way to change the order. But if you change your display mode (upper right, above the message box) to "Hybrid", you'll get a diagram/flow chart of the messages in the thread. At least you could easily pop down to where you want to start reading without scrolling.
15 years 8 months ago #146492 by PresidentJim
Thing I noticed is that the posts are now oldest first, so whenever I go to look at the latest posts I need to click "last" to get to the new ones. I hope that this will be fixed, or is there something that I can do now to change this?

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