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School Closing

14 years 9 months ago #148262 by pzettler
Replied by pzettler on topic RE: School Closing

I have a different but similar situation. Middle school only covers three grades.

My belief is that two groups can do more than one group if you and others can make two work. However, one person cannot make two groups work as good as two people.

If you choose the older group, you get to be with the older child and then again with the younger child when they get there. You can be the much needed bridge for the people that come and go because their kids have moved on.

Last of all, you can still attend events with the younger child. Just don't think you have to do it all.
14 years 9 months ago #148134 by slambert
Replied by slambert on topic RE: School Closing
We have a district with 2 Elementary schools. This month we were informed that our schools will be combined starting at the Kindergarten level instead of waiting until 6th grade. There will be a primary K-2 building and a intermediate 3-5 building. I applaud the Superintendant and School Board for coming to this decision to reorganize. It is going to save our district $, and who in this day and age can't use a little savings? However, we have two PTO's for our K-5 buildings. We are a small school, each building will have less than 1000 students. Now we are faced with deciding how to proceed with the PTO's. Do we keep two different PTO's going or do we have one PTO for K-5. Being a parent that will have a child in each school and thinking of two meetings a month, planning of duplicate events and fundraising, it can be exhausting. Does anyone reading this have primary/intermediate school buildings that have 1 PTO? Please share any ideas..........
14 years 10 months ago #147963 by lmorgan
Replied by lmorgan on topic RE: School Closing
I understand your feelings. Our small school is closing at the end of the year. The Board of Ed has a transition team in place to work out the changes. Unfortunately the district lines are now even more mixed up. Our PTO is spendinag all funds to the educational benefit of our students. The ultimate field trip experience, complimentary memory books and an extra special field day and school dance are ways we will use up our funds.
The entire experience has taught me a lot but I am not wanting to assist with a transition role. The uncertainty for our staff is a huge concern. Children will thrive as we stay invovled in their education and options are are great thing. Good luck and best wishes.
14 years 10 months ago #147674 by blessedmomx02
School Closing was created by blessedmomx02
We recently found out that one of our elementary schools will be closing at the end of this year. I don't think it will be our school but no one knows for sure yet. Even if we're safe it will effect the boundaries & we may no longer be at our school:( I have a kindergartener & a 2nd grader who will be crushed. I've been on the PTO for 2 years & still have another year on my term. I have a million questions & fears about all of this. I will school of choice my kids so we can stay at our school if I need to. My heart is at that school!!! They have a committee to come up with a decision by mid-March. It's definitely going to happen but we just don't know which school yet.

Has anyone dealt with this & do you have any pointers for me. Anything I should be doing? What happens to the PTO and their funds when a school closes? We need a Treasurer & a President for the Fall but how do we handle an election when we don't know what is going on? Any thoughts, ideas or pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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