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New Food and Nutrition Services requirements

11 years 2 months ago #163629 by JHB
Many states have implemented such policies. There are some old threads from when Texas went through this a few years ago.

What we found was the policies were implemented - and definitely adjustments were made by all. However, district officials also made exceptions and established interpretations that made the rules bearable.

Regarding fundraisers, the rule was applied if the food was likely to be consumed on the premises. Otherwise, it was fine for example, cookie dough). I think during the shake out, while things were being defined, we also had some work-arounds such a the item pickup being outside the scheduled hours.

Regarding parties, ours ultimately ended up with a couple of reasonable exceptions such as the princiap could define one party day per year (or maybe semester).

All in all, the food rules are a good thing. But they need to be applied in a reasonable fashion. And parent comments DO count.
11 years 3 months ago #163543 by MrsDewy55
As a member of our wellness committee, we were reviewing the new policy covering food services and food served. Our school is now mandating no food served outside of the lunch program. That means no food parties, etc. Which is fine. One area of alarm is that our Dept. of Ed said that competitive foods include but are not limited to foods found in vending machines, snack bars, school stores, a la carte, FUNDRAISERS, etc. Is anyone else running into this issue? We had already booked our fundraiser for next year and it involved selling coffee cakes and chocolates and other goods. We will be unable to see the food that doesn't meet the USDA definition of acceptable foods.
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