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What to do? President has bylaws, will not give them out

1 year 4 months ago #172924 by Basicwin
At the beginning of the school year I asked for a copy of bylaws, due to things not running correctly. Was told by the president, she did not have them, and said everything was a mess from the past president. Asked again a month later, still same story. (mind you she had stated many times, that this was her show and she was doing what she wanted, and was just going to wing it} Finally approached the Principal and VP and they gave an old copy from 97, After the 3rd month of her in office she admitted in meeting she had some, but did not produce them. Numerous more times stated they did not pertain to us, they where old, and again she was going to wing it. Now a member from PTO in our school district is going to help her make new ones. My question is the bylaws she has are from 2014, still not produced and has refused to do so? What can I do to get my hands on them....reason being, I believe illegal voting has been being done, and that is how she got into office. Teachers are allowed to vote via ballot in their mailbox, and not attend meetings, but parent has to be at meeting to vote among many other things, how can I fix this? Or should I just walk away? Also refused to show financials and even stated it was none of our business. How can someone be held accountable if you do not know the rules set forth?
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