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Redux: For Profit School, Non-Profit PTO

15 years 3 weeks ago #72749 by Ted Finegold
Redux: For Profit School, Non-Profit PTO was created by Ted Finegold
This was briefly discussed recently, but I am in the middle of this very same question, and would appreciate some specific guidance. The children attend a privately owned school (owned by one of the teachers). We are expanding the school and need additional funding. Instead of moving the school from a for-profit to a non-profit, other parents and I prefer to incorporate a 501(c)(3) non-profit PTO. The PTO would conduct fundraising and use the funds to supplement the school. How far can we go? Can we pay for a new teacher (who would presumable be an employee of the for-profit school)? Can we buy and give materials to the for-profit school? This was insinuated on the other string, and it seems to violate the private benefit/private inurement rules. Then again, I've heard of booster clubs, but they normally benefit a public or non-profit school. Thanks in advance.
15 years 1 week ago #72750 by Carl Thrasher
Replied by Carl Thrasher on topic RE: Redux: For Profit School, Non-Profit PTO
Ted: I have exactly the same questions, but have not yet been able to find any resource for help. If you have since found any resource that can answer your questions, I would very much appreciate it if you would post it on this forum.
15 years 1 week ago #72751 by Rockne
My recommendation: Call the IRS helpline. They're very helpful.

Let us know what you learn.


PTO Today Founder
2 years 3 months ago #172314 by Guest
Replied by Guest on topic Redux: For Profit School, Non-Profit PTO
I have the same question - was anyone able to get some guidance?
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