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Did anyone use Reindeer Lane Holiday shop this year?

12 years 4 months ago #140876 by RDSX28
Our school received an offer from Reindeer Lane gift shop was just wondering how the no inventory is. Are the products of good quality? Looking for some insight. Thanks so much!
12 years 4 months ago #140879 by RDSX28
no inventory = no control If they make a mistake in figuring the bill or there is a cash register problem then YOU wind up paying for it. We did this 2 years ago and the invoice was for almost $100 more than we took in. Last year we went back to the shop we used for years (Kids Korner) and had a better sale than ever plus a much better selection (and less expensive) gifts. It's worth the extra hour of your time to make sure the job gets done right.
12 years 4 months ago #140889 by RDSX28
Our school has used Reindeer Lane for a few years....At first it was a really good program, no inventory, every item had a price code (which made it easy and fast to find the price), but this last year we used them, it was not a good experience at all. In fact our school is not using them in the future.

The quality of the items weren't great, but weren't the worst either.

This year we were not allowed to go by price codes alone, so that meant having to learn over 100-200 item codes. When I called them and voiced my concerns, (they were polite), but were unable to help me because our past president had opted out on getting a cash register with a scanner (they wouldn't let me change anything) Personally we have talked about going to the dollar store throughout the year and buying items. No worries of broken items, and the prices won't be outrageous! We were selling half inflated "Dad" footballs for $16.50!

My opinion is there are definitely better ways. Hope this helps
12 years 4 months ago #140895 by RDSX28
Never used a holiday shop. We go the dollar store route....get things right after Christmas at least 50% off not only from dollar stores but Walmart, Target, even the pharmacies....Another thing....check out Oriental Trading and other novelty places. We got some really cute and decent things at $75% off......Over 700 items for less than $100. Most can be sold for $1.00 and $2.00...some we will sell for .25 and .50....but still excellent profit.

Good Luck....
12 years 4 months ago #140954 by PerusingwithCoffee
We used them in Dec. '06. While the no inventory on their end was simple for the end result billing - it was a nightmare of worry on mine. As treasurer, when they told us to toss out broken items & just make a note of it.... My head was spinning. Our billing ended out fine, but I was nervous about it until it came in.

The products on the original order were okay for the pricing we had, but it was the reorder that was a catastrophe. Most of the restock we wanted was out and what we got for the last day & 1/2 of our Holiday Boutique was CRAP. Most of it we didn't even put out. It was dirty, really cheap "stuff".

This past Dec. we used Fun Services which is "local" for us and had a much better experience. Inventory was easy, no worry that their numbers would be way different from mine, broken items went back - marked as such; reorder was most of the same product & what was given as replacement was similar products.

I wouldn't recommend unless you know you are getting exactly what you order - no substitutions allowed and even then, I worry about the billing with no inventory controls.
12 years 4 months ago #140971 by FoxMom
We also buy our own inventory. I've found we have a much better selection and quality of merchandise-- we only sell out items from 1-5.00
But we are buying thing s from the Disney Store, JcPenny, Sears, KMart, Walmart and ToysRUs-- no dollar store items at all--- if you can't get a discount, it's no worth buying-- we shop after Fathers Day, Mother's Day, right after Christmas-- I've gotten watches from KMart for 3.00 (Timex) and Christmas sweatshirts for 2.25 each. Our Santa Shop is now known for its better quality gifts because of how we run the Shop-- the first years the hardest, but it gets easier year year and you get a better idea of kids are wanting when they come out to shop.
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