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How much should cookie dough cost?

15 years 6 months ago #143330 by middle age dad
Good points, but believe me, there are many companies out there selling cookie dough for $11 and still are making a profit. By the way, what is the difference between a regular flavor and the "premium" flavor---about $.35-.40 per item. so why do premium flavors costs $2.00 more? The answer---because companies sell them that way and know this is an easy way to make more money.
15 years 6 months ago #143315 by jrandklev
We use a company who does both and here is what she said, "Most companies who are selling it for that price probably don't sell a lot of cookie dough or arent' managing their finances appropriatley. I've even heard of some companies selling it at last years prices of $12 and then coming back later and saying it will more.

If school would take less profit we could lower the prices but everyone wants 40 or 50% + signing bonuses, etc. Those things are free and the costs have to passed along!

It should be $13 @ 40% for pre-portioned and $15 for premium flavors like white macadamia nut. If you want 50@ profit and no premium flavors, then pre-portioned would be $15.

The raw ingredients have gone up b/c a lot of raw foods are being exported overseas due to the weak dollar. It is then costing the manufacturer more for the raw ingredients. Then the boxes or tubs for the cookie dough have gone way up too. With gas being so high, it costs more for the ingredients to get shipped to the manufacturer and more for it to get shipped to you. "

Our school is going to do catalog b/c there are lower prices!
15 years 6 months ago #143314 by middle age dad
Okay, we know costs have gone up. so answer this question, why do some companies still sell their cookie dough for $11 and $12?
15 years 6 months ago #143239 by flmom12
I have a friend in the industry. The price of commodities have increased 30-40% (sugar, flour, etc). Between that and fuel costs, it explains why you are seeing such a large increase.
15 years 6 months ago #143196 by middle age dad
I liked Wendy's message--keeping the profit the same for the school. How about the profit for the fund raising company? I guess it needs to remain the same. Crazymom is right, but i think more people are turning back to the tub. why? it's just as easy to use. You can keep the tub in the refrigerator for three to four months and you can just scoop and bake. Also, the Pre-portioned cookie dough his made from a drier recipe, so it is not quite as moist as the tubs. Lastly, if the price is $300 less for a tub, that should say it all.
15 years 6 months ago #143126 by crazymom
I have been looking into cookie dough and have talked with most of the main players. Most companies sell the pre-portioned cookie dough for $14.00. If you are seeing $15.00 or $16.00 with a 40% profit, RUN!!!!!!! There is even more than 50% profit out there, but it includes no prizes for the students. Tubs are still around $12.00, but most people like the pre-portioned enough to pay the little extra. Seems eveyone is selling the same cookie dough so, like it was said above, do your research!!
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