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How much should cookie dough cost?

16 years 2 months ago #143124 by wendy1
Replied by wendy1 on topic RE: How much should cookie dough cost?
As someone who works in fundraising the cost of doing business has gone up greatly. It is not just the cost of the cookie dough, gift wrap, ect.... It is the cost of producing the sales materials, shipping them to the schools, shipping the product to the schools, ect...
The prices have to go up to cover the cost of doing business and keeping the profit for your school.
16 years 2 months ago #143112 by middle age dad
We all know that flour and eggs have gone up in price. That is a given. So it is easy to understand that cookie dough and other baked items might also rise in price. However, some of the companies selling cookie dough have raised their prices to $15 and more. Please! Cookie dough that sold for $11 or $12 last year is now $15. Even after they give the school 40%, that is still up to $1.80 extra in their pockets. Their price for cookie dough only went up .35 or so per container, so why the big increase? Can someone say greed? Many of these same companies--Otis Spunkmyer for example--have also decreased the amount of dough per container by 10%. Increase the price and decrease the amount. That does not sound very good.

With gas approaching $4.00 a gallon, good luck on getting your community members to support the old cookie dough sale when the price is now $15 to $16 per item. It is beginning to look like a gift wrap sale with $8.00 gift wrap. We all know where those sales have gone--down!

There are a number of companies across the country that still sells their cookie dough for $12 or they let the school choose the best price for their community. I have seen this on a number of websites. Look around and find an alternative to these artificially high prices.

Just an idea to think and talk about!
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