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How much should cookie dough cost?

15 years 1 month ago #149600 by JHB
Ours are typically $15 per tub and it continues to be one of the more popular fundraisers. But I wonder what the impact will be of the commercial companies like Nestles Tollhouse that now offer small tubs and the pre-portioned sheets of cookie dough in the grocery store. The quality is really good. The tubs cost $3-$4 and make 3 dozen.

I'll buy cookie dough from the school because I know the fundraising is necessary. But when I don't have any in the freezer, I always by the Nestle's tubs.
15 years 1 month ago #149571 by fundraising juliehiggins
Everything is expensive. Alot of places have done the cookie dough for years and it is slowing down for them no matter what the price. Just a sign of the times. Good luck to everyone.

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15 years 1 month ago #149477 by sasktadpole
Replied by sasktadpole on topic RE: How much should cookie dough cost?
I personally, from both a teacher and mom perspective, would prefer just forking out the $40 out of my pocket. After driving my daughter around to get orders, twisting arms, and driving to drop off the product, I spend well over the $40 on gas. As a teacher I dislike having money tossed at me to organize and keep track of before it is handed in.
16 years 1 month ago #143372 by jrandklev
Our school has just decided to use a catalog. The company we are using has 2 different versions. One is a 50% catalog with regular prices but we are going to use a catalog with cheaper or reduced prices at 40% profit instead. We are hoping this will help with today's tough economy.
16 years 1 month ago #143346 by crazymom
I think middle age dad is so right. Companies that are raising the prices are not the norm. I spoke with our sally foster rep and they have not raised prices on the chippery cookie dough and they offer 50%. I talked with the varsity gold rep and they are raising the prices to 15.00 and they only give 40%. Same cookie dough same benifits. they both offer help with distribution, but one has higher prices and offers less profits. You can say that the cost of cookie dough has gone up, but if you have two venders offering the same dough with different costs and two different profits , I think we can again call it greed. check out the profits and costs before you make your choice. Varsity gold is the highest out there. It seems that most venders are offering the same dough so again I say do your homework. Remember that you need to fundraise with one thing in mind. The most bang for your buck and do not burn out your parents!
16 years 1 month ago #143337 by JUSTTHINKIN
Frankly, I think it should be about the ingrediants and taste. I am sick of cookie dough with a ton of ingrediants and fillers.
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