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Looking for a Fundraiser

14 years 6 months ago #151854 by McGrawMom
We have found that our school auction is our biggest ($-wise) fundraiser. Last year we moved to doing our auction online because parents complained about having to pay $40 a person for an auction night ticket (dinner & auction at hotel). We use and love it. We still do a community event to kick it off but it's pot luck and at our school cafetaria.
14 years 6 months ago #151851 by juliatojulie
Look at She is located in Georgia and has awesome soy candles. Allison will do EVERYTHING for you, including individually packing each order if you want her to. She gives 50% back to you...we just raised over $1000 with 15 cheerleaders selling. Hope this helps...good luck!
14 years 6 months ago #151848 by missyhaz
Our PTO lost $3,000 due to embezzlement. We need a fundraiser in order to pay for everything we have in our budget.

It makes me very sad that our children may suffer because of one person's selfishness.

We have approx. 720 children at our elementary school, we would like to do something that does not involve food, and something that the children will enjoy. Has anyone done any of the children's artwork fundraisers?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. We have a spring carnival planned for mid-April but without an influx of cash we will probably have to cancel.

Thanks for any help!
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