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Consignment For Auctions

13 years 7 months ago - 13 years 7 months ago #152308 by CMay2CK
Replied by CMay2CK on topic Re:Consignment For Auctions
If you have a local auction house, try there. We have used an auction house in the past to preside over our event. They brought with them several packages (at no obligation) that we could not get ourselves. Sample items: Fighter Pilot for a Day: New York Weekend Package: Whistler Ski Package: House of Blues VIP Experience: NASCAR Racing Package. Downside: We did not make much off of their packages, but it did offer our families something extra and added to the fun of the event.
13 years 8 months ago #152246 by slfournier
Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has had much luck with consignment items for their auctions, who you went through (nationally) and what items you chose to offer at your auction.

I am already familiar with the hot air balloon rides and am planning to incorporate them. But, I need other ideas.


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