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Holiday shop question

8 years 9 months ago #158334 by Marie
Replied by Marie on topic Re:Holiday shop question
I fould some great buys on close out websites. One of my favorites is holidaygiftshopcloseouts Sometimes it is hard to find those specific family member items at the dollar store so I fill in from here.
8 years 9 months ago #158368 by Mandy
Replied by Mandy on topic Re:Holiday shop question
We used to do a holiday shop but a bunch of parents complained that stuff is throw away gifts. We moved to doing a a craft workshop for kids. We work on getting material donated from craft stores and individuals and we charge $20 per child to attend. It's for 2 hours on a friday night and parents love it because they get a break and they get a few homemade gifts out of the deal. WE get high school kids to help man the craft and gift wrapping station (they get volunteer hours for this). We love it.
8 years 9 months ago #158373 by Monique
Replied by Monique on topic Re:Holiday shop question
Last year we ran an unsuccessful holiday shop largely due to inexperience. It was our first year and the committee chairperson over ordered and we didn't have enough volunteers. Instead of being discouraged I learned that logistics and merchandise are critical to a good sell.

We all so sold vendor tables @ $10.00 per day for (2) days, which actually was easy money ($300.00) and we decided this year to do the same thing. It requires no upfront cost and a minumum of 3-4 volunteers. We plan to increase the price on tables by $5.00 and advertise to outside vendors.
8 years 7 months ago #158971 by All for kids
Replied by All for kids on topic Re:Holiday shop question
A great company to use is Good Time Attractions. Good Time Attractions offers a lot of the items that are in the Holiday Shop offered by the companies. We have used companies in the past and this will be our first year doing it on our own. Yes, you do take a chance of having items left over but you can use them in your student store or if you have made a profit save for the next year. Good Luck to all.
7 years 10 months ago #161425 by Yolanda
Replied by Yolanda on topic Re:Holiday shop question
This December will be my school's fourth year running a Santa Shop and third year of buying gifts ourselves. We have increased our profits to $4300 last year! (Great amount considering our school is only 215 kids!) I would suggest using a company the first year just to see how the kids shop. After that you must start December 26 buying items. Gift bags are also a must. The envelope works well too. Only a few moms need to shop though, then others can help price and set up. We find EVERYTHING on clearance. 80 to 95% off! We use this as a fundraiser. Some items may sell for $10 in the store, we may buy it for $1, then sell it for $8. Everyone wins!
7 years 7 months ago #162063 by Rose H
Replied by Rose H on topic Re:Holiday shop question
Hi everyone,

Tis the season to bump up this thread! How's everyone doing with preparations for their Holiday shops and stores?

Rose C.
Community Manager
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