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Entertaiment Books- Custom Coupon Book Fundraiser

10 years 9 months ago - 10 years 9 months ago #157086 by loy106
Has anyone tried the "Entertainment Books" new funrasier called " Custom Coupon Book Fundraisers " ?? From what I was told you would give them 3 zip codes in your area and then you could pick 42 coupons to have in your personalized books and sell then for $20 each with $8 coming back to the school....

Anyone try these yet? If so what was your experiance with them???
10 years 9 months ago #157119 by anonymously
I was coming on to look for experience with "Superior" - This discount card company has been calling us. We just got a bunch of feedback from parents that they were interested in a coupon book as a fundraiser. We had created a one page flier of different activities and fund raising ideas and promised that each one returned would be a chance in a drawing for the class to win. We copied the fliers/questionnaire and wrote the teachers name in the upper corner (on one copy and copied that copy) and cut those out for the drawing.
Anyway- This company that has been calling us says they put 15 businesses YOU pick on the card and those cost $10 each and they get $5 for each card. You have to sell 300 minimum but the salesman swears up and down these sell themselves.

So the businesses like Subway or a local restaurant will agree to offer half off an appetizer or a free cookie with purchase or something like buy one get one..and this card that can sit in your wallet will last one year.

If you can choose the businesses that are local- I would look into it. Everyone is looking to save a buck.
10 years 9 months ago #157131 by anonymously
I am the same poster as above. I got a call from the Superior card company and I was able to trace back the number to this website.
asuperiorcard DOT com/ or esfundraising DOT com/index DOT php/faq

So note the different names in the URL address.
world wide web DOT scholars-discount-card DOT com SLASH youdoit DOT html - I found this one looking for the company above trying to research others experiences before committing.

So if anyone has heard of these I would appreciate knowing. :)
10 years 9 months ago #157132 by anonymous
Same poster as above and I have done a few hours of online research. Seems through whois DOT com domain there are several companies and followed up by the Better Business Bureau in Vancouver, Washington -Elite Fundraising is the same man-Jack Swanson that does the domain names for Superior Cards or A Superior Card- 1300 Esther St. (Suites 208 and 205 used) Moved to a P.O. Box 1152
10 years 5 months ago #157882 by D. Mom
We've done Entertainment Books for the past 2 years. We pay $30 for the entire book, which has hundreds of offers. So $20 for 42 coupons doesn't sound like such a deal to me. But I guess it really depends on how valuable the offers are. We haven't done so well with the Entertainment books and are thinking of replacing it with discount value cards. Like the one described by the other poster in this thread.

The cards can sell for $10 or $15 and have from 8- 20 national and local offers on it and is good for a year. The company that has been contacting us about this is called Aspire Fundraiser. Has anyone worked with them or have any feedback about them? I've asked them for references but have not received anything yet.
10 years 5 months ago #157886 by blueeyes0101
I have bought the entertainment book for 30 dollars and the thing is huge. I didnt go to the last pto exhibit in pa, but the president of our pto did. She brought back sample books the had different counties on them. Each book had three counties on them which was neat and we would sell the books for 20, but it had 4 coupons on each page and there all kinds of restaurants and stores in them. They diifer from the coupon book by you would actually be able to go to these places without having to travel really far like some of the coupons in the coupon book.
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