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Fundraiser that won't die

11 years 5 months ago #160701 by texasebeth
Amen! I've had similar issues as well and am glad to see it isn't just me that feels that way. :) And that's after sending notes home with every student, emails, Facebook, Twitter and school website postings and reminders.

We also have a problem with orders showing up a week after the cut off date. Parents get mad when I (as current fundraiser chair) have to explain it's too late. We usually end a fundraiser on a Wed. knowing kids will turn stuff in the Thurs/Fri as well.

You handle the situation with grace. Glad to hear your principal is backing you up as well. I've had to send some parents to the principal for her to deal with regarding this exact issue. They were getting way out of hand threatening to sue the PTO!
11 years 6 months ago #160369 by sd19565
I love how nice you were, but I will say I would have included a copy of the order form with the omitted NECESSARY information circled so she could see what she neglected.
I love that she followed the directions of including a check (we usually ask for money order too so that folks that do not have a checking account have an option). We also include a short disclaimer on what our fee is for bounced or returned checks as well as that we do not provide change for anyone that decides to send in cash. Our wording usually reads "any overpayment will be considered a donation to our general fund".

I personally have had to track down folks that omitted information, too, and have found that by contacting everyone listed on the order form (if they filled it out completely-which should include their phone number) I usually track down the person doing the selling. It is a royal time consuming pain in the rear!
11 years 6 months ago #160143 by Rose C.
Replied by Rose C. on topic Re:Fundraiser that won't die
JHB ~ I hear you!

mum24kids~~Thanks for the post! You may have been "just venting,'' as you say, but I bet you helped a lot of parents who read this and thought, "Hey, I'm not crazy after all! Other people feel just like I do sometimes!"

Rose C.
11 years 6 months ago #160132 by JHB
Replied by JHB on topic Re:Fundraiser that won't die
I love your response!
11 years 6 months ago #160102 by mum24kids
This is a “just venting” post… I’m mostly just writing it so I can stop angrily stomping around my house and get to sleep. And for your entertainment value, although I’m sure we all have similar stories! :-)

At the beginning of the year, we had a catalog fundraiser. Everything was delivered in time for parents to pick it up at the beginning of November, when we had teacher workdays. Many people did pick their stuff up, although there were a few we had to track down for weeks. There were also a handful of orders that came in to the school office with no seller name, no phone number, and no contact information for the people to whom the seller sold. Many schoolwide emails and fliers and investigative work and weeks later, we had everything distributed but two “nameless” orders.

So yesterday, almost 4 MONTHS after the orders were delivered, I get a belligerent email from a parent, demanding that I immediately contact her about why she never got her fundraiser, and spouting off about how unprofessional we are. I promptly responded to the email, explained how and when the orders had been delivered, and told her I needed to put her in touch with the fundraising person, because I wasn’t sure if we had any orders left. (Mostly because we had discussed giving up on ever finding out who ordered the stuff and using it as door prizes at a school event or something.) I was nice—the principal (whom I copied) even emailed me and said I had shown remarkable restraint.

Of course, it turns out that she was one of the “nameless” orders. And, even though we specifically said “no cash,” she turned in cash and turned in $9.00 over the order amount, because she didn’t have change! So the fundraising person tells her she has the change, and the order, and she will leave it at school for her to pick up.

This woman has not specifically responded to that email yet, but she did take the time to email me again to tell me how unprofessional and uncoordinated we were, and, by the way, this all makes her wonder (here’s the best thing) “where is my tax money going?” She left out the part where she expresses disappointment in our lack of clairvoyance for not being able to figure out who the order belonged to, but you know she was thinking it!

In my response to that, although sorely tempted, I didn’t address her question on her tax dollars. I just figured she would be glad to know that both the fundraising person and I (the President) have reached our term limits and wouldn’t be able to do the same jobs next year. But she was writing just in time to throw her name in to the nominating committee, so I’d be looking forward to seeing her at the next meeting so she could let us know which position she wanted to take on. Gee, why do I think I won’t see her there???

I can't wait until the owner of the last remaining nameless order surfaces.
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