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Bottle Booth (Fundraising Idea)

9 years 11 months ago #164476 by RDSX28
Replied by RDSX28 on topic Re:Bottle Booth (Fundraising Idea)
Twin Mom how much do you charge for the tickets? What are some types of bottles you put in the bags? Thanks!
10 years 1 week ago #164384 by Twin Mom
Replied by Twin Mom on topic Re:Bottle Booth (Fundraising Idea)
This has been done many a time successfully.

We have 200 bottles that in paper bags from the wine store (most recently sewn by some volunteers). There is a ribbon tied around each bottle with a number.

The buyer picks a number out of a bowl, and the attendant pulls the bottle bag with the corresponding number ( we keep the tags to re-use the next auction). This way, it is totally random and avoids "cherry picking".
10 years 8 months ago #162269 by Rose H
Great to hear from you, JHB! I've read many a post from you with great information!

Thanks for passing along this idea!

Happy New Year!

Rose C.
Community Manager
10 years 8 months ago - 10 years 8 months ago #162267 by JHB
Hello, all. I"m pretty much an alum now and rarely visit the site. But I was having coffee with some ladies tonight and heard this fundraising idea that I wanted to come back and share.

This would typically be an activity for a fundraising dinner/silent auction where it's okay to have alcohol, but it could probably be adapted.

Bottle Booth Fundraiser

Families are asked to donate one or two bottles of ... whatever. The more creative, interesting, desireable - the better. But literally whatever they want. Could be a great bottle of wine, barbeque sauce, bubble bath, hair product, a special liqueur.

The bottles are numbered and displayed in a booth where chances are sold for $5. Pay your $5, pick a number out of the bowl and see what you won.

Sounds like fun! I can imagine lots of possibilities.

You'd have to think through the logistics. The lady sharing this said it was popular years ago when her kids were small (private school, offsite adult dinner). She thought the ticket buyer got the prize immediately. But I wonder as the "good" prizes disappear, would you have a harder time selling the remaining tickets? On the other hand, if you wait and announce all at once, that takes additional time in the event.

Maybe some of you have seen this done and can elaborate.

Happy New Year!
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