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5 years 10 months ago #164746 by Darla
My son is a 6th grader at a 6-8 Middle School and I recently inquired about an 8th Grade D.C. trip. I had the opportunity to do it when I was that age and would love nothing more than for him to have a chance as well. Apparently it's not a thing at our school. I'm told it's been done in the past, but it seems it's gone by the wayside for a lack of participation or committment by parent volunteers to organize

I have fundraising ideas swirling in my head and have put them on paper to not forget, but before I get too gungho and put myself out there to the Principal/Booster Club, I wanted to get some input.

I'd like to start the fundraising at the 6th grade level so there is ample opportunity for the kids to raise funds for the next 2+ years.

Regarding any funds raised, what is a fair way to distribute between the grades?

Should 7th and 8th graders get a higher percentage of proceeds from events since their trip is closer? Maybe 8th graders get 50% with 6th and 7th graders each getting 25%? Or should each event's proceeds be split evenly?

Should proceeds go towards anybody who decided to sign up even at the last minute despite the fact that those families may not have even participated in raising funds? Essentially letting everybody else do the work to give a price break to those not willing to work.....

My goal is to establish a routine where a variety of annual fundraising events could be ongoing over the years.

If anybody who has had experience with this sort of fundraising has input or suggestions I'm HAPPY to hear anything.....
5 years 9 months ago #164779 by Bea's Big Papa
This is going to be a touchy subject.

If you FUND RAISE the money comes off your trip. YOU can not EXPECT 30% of the students to raise money and offset the cost of this trip for the other 70%.

I am part of a very large school wrestling program and we make many trips, it is tough but sometimes you have to leave the lazy ones behind.

When we fundraise, 75%of profits goes to trip account and 25% goes to group. To help off set Coaching expenses.
5 years 7 months ago #165085 by PTO Parent of 2
Our K-5 school raises money for a 5th grade trip every year and this is how we do it:
We have a fundraiser at the beginning of the year. You must sell (or buy yourself) at least 1 item in order for fundraising to count for you.
Everyone that participates, (even selling only the min required 1 item) is on the list as a fundraising contributor. The funds raised are used to reduce the cost of the trip for the entire grade (everyone that participated). Everyone must then make up the difference on their own, and some kids get together and do their own fundraising outside of school for their part. Some years we do a 2nd school or class fundraiser, but it depends on the trip cost and what we raise with the first one. We are usually able to cover 75% of the trip cost so this works very well. The entire school is involved in the fundraising, but the money raised all goes toward that year's 5th grade class trip.

If we were going to do it over multiple years, we'd probably want to designate a fund for each class and have them do separate fundraisers. So class of x would have a fund, class of y would have a separate one, etc. and then whatever they raise as a class goes into their fund for their trip. Or if we did one/joint fundraising, we'd split it equally for each class/grade level.

An 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C. is a great experience. I hope you are successful.

Good Luck!!!
1 year 11 hours ago #172769 by Anonymous
Did you ever find what worked best for raising funds for ongoing field trips? I'm curious to know, since I'm in that similar boat now.
5 days 12 hours ago #173181 by Leloplate
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