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New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?

7 years 3 months ago #171804 by Audrianna Hammonds
Replied by Audrianna Hammonds on topic New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?
Hi my name is Audrianna Hammonds, Avon Independent Sales Representative. Would you like to set up a fundraiser with Avon we have some amazing fundraisers and I can send you the information. Please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact me by phone at 304-888-2927
7 years 3 months ago - 7 years 3 months ago #171801 by CodeKey
Hi Everyone.

Quick idea for a FREE fundraising program…try after school computer coding classes.

I’m a parent of two boys at Thornton Creek Elementary School in Northville, Michigan and I helped organize an after school computer coding class at our school. It was extremely well received and we sold out in just a couple hours.

It was totally FREE for the school and PTA and the funds raised came from a nominal fee we charged the parents of participating students. We raised over $4400 in just a few sessions. It was run by a couple volunteers and they had no technical expertise.

It went so well, I was asked to put all the information up on a website I created called and now I'm helping other schools set up a similar program. If you want, I can help set up the same program at your school. For more information and my contact info, all the forms go to me, visit the website: .

Thanks and good Luck.

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7 years 8 months ago #170830 by Jog A Thon!
Replied by Jog A Thon! on topic New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?
We held one second week of school. Printing for the donation pledge sheet and then for the reminder schedule sheet were the only costs. The pledge sheet was stapled to a large envelope that was used for collection, Instructions, donation grid: donor name, phone, amount per lap or fixed amount, date of event, due date of money, spot to write in student name and room number. We used large reused envelopes from the school. Advertised event on front reader board, at open house, asked the kids to solicit gparents, neighbors, parent employers, held event during class PE time, used recycled paper for score cards (from the back side of recylced school/office papers, cut in quarters, had kids draw full big tick-tack-tow grid and write their name on it, collected by score cards by class. Each lap got an X in the grid, goal of 1 X each box (9 laps, or 2 x each box could get 18 laps!) kids carried their card as they ran, adult marked it as they came past, family cheering sections were encouraged to come for the 45 mins of PE time.) A 1/2 page flier went home as reminder for date of event, bring water bottle with name on it, wear sneaks & bring sweat shirt, request for volunteers and phone number, and scheduled for when each class would be running. ) Someone ended up bringing a few balloon to tie on to the 'finish line' (10$) and someone brought 400 popscicles (75$) and we had school large water coolers set out full of ice water to fill water bottles.
It was fun, easy to set up and manage, CHEAP to run! Class totals laps were celebrated, it was fun and light, and even teachers and staff participated IN event by walking laps also! (not visitors, not siblings, no pets---liability issues.) Anyhow, it was a quick, fun, easy, healthy, fundraiser that gave our school of 375 students 80%free/reduced lunch an income of about $4k. (Which is 3/4 our whole annual budget!) Success!
7 years 11 months ago #170531 by Over scheduled Mom of 5!
Congratulations to you. That is exactly how our school's PTO started. Low income tends to need low priced products to sell. A little goes a long way. We did $2.00 candy bars with Cherrydale and made almost $5,000 with our low income population. Kids just filled out a permission slip and we sent one box home with them. They only had to sell one box and they could come to a little party at the school and we had the most amount of families participate.
8 years 8 months ago #168727 by clayboggess
Brochure fundraisers are another option because most companies will help you get started without any up front fees. For example, you shouldn't be charged for any selling supplies or promotional materials. It's important to work with a company that also offers useful selling tools and to leverage them as much as possible. Be sure to have a kickoff meeting with your students and to set a selling goal based on the number of participants and the dollar amount that you'd like to raise. Then, be sure to remind your students to sell on a consistent basis. Finally, be sure to reward your students for selling. Companies should provide a prize program at no cost as well.

Clay Boggess
Big Fundraising Ideas
8 years 10 months ago #168551 by heidiranae2009
Hi, my daughter is going on a class trip to Washington D.C. we used School Night Dinner Ideas weekly meal planners for it. So far so good and it's mostly passive. You can see the link at
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