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New PTO with no money! First fundraiser?

9 years 2 weeks ago #166253 by Megan M

I have started a PTO at my daughters public school. It is a primarily low income school with a primarily Spanish speaking population.

We are starting off with $0. The principal backs me completely. I don't have a board together yet, but our first meeting is next Wednesday. It is completely informational and will likey reconvene to vote on officers if there are people willing to put their names in at the meeting. If not, it will likely default to me for the rest of the school year until we can run elections for the following school year in May.


In order to become incorporated and become a 501c3 nonprofit we need to make some money to apply for those things. That and we need money to do other fundraisers to meet our goals.

We have no money to use for non-fundraiser type things (family nights etc), so this is definitely a trying time.

Ideas for a first fundraiser? I would need to put it in place within two weeks or so.

Thank you!
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