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Help - Video game truck fundraiser

6 years 5 months ago #171789 by Rose H
Hi there,
Thought I would circle back on this one. If you still need help here, you could try posting your question to our PTO & PTA Leaders group on Facebook. It's a closed group made up of PTO and PTA folks and I'm thinking your question will get a good response there.

Here's the link:

Good luck!

Community Manager
6 years 7 months ago #171719 by add_dragon
Our PTA is considering a video game truck night as a fundraiser. We have a local game truck company to help us out. The basic concept is: we will pre-sell tickets for a certain amount of "play" time on the truck. The families then show up on the fundraiser night and the kids redeem their ticket to play. Assigning times would get sticky because certain people want to play together. It will be a "wait your turn in line" type of deal.

Our problem is: How do we fill the downtime with something equally fun/cool/exciting? If the event has a 3 hour window and your child has a ticket for 20(or 30) minutes of "play" time. What would make you want to stay? We will have concessions and the playground if the weather is nice. We thought about an outdoor movie (using their movie license) but it won't be dark until after the event would end. An indoor movie would cost us too much because our movie license will be expired. Laser tag inside is the best option we've come up with so far. Any other ideas?
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