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Hello, and thank you for clicking on my GoFundMe! My name is Abigail Sims, I am a newly 20 year old earning a living at a chicken plant as a Quality Assurance Technician; although, working for Pilgrims isn't what I aim to do my entire life. My goal, my dream, my aspiration is to become a psychologist. Focusing on children mainly because I, as a child, had many mental health issues and was put through situations no little girl should be put through...and bless my parents souls, they had no idea, and even if they had known, they wouldn't have known where to even start helping me.

I want to become a psychologist because I want to recognize these behaviors in children, I want to help parents and children alike understand mental issues and traumatic events thus better learning how to live and cope with these difficulties. Because no child should have to undergo molestation, abuse, or even something as simple as bullying alone. To accomplish that though, I need a laptop to work on online school work, as well as written essays, and presentations. Any extra money raised will continue to go to my schooling (tuition, books, gas, supplies, etc.), as I will be going to school for many years until I achieve my diploma. I'd really appreciate any and all help I can receive, thank you & God bless in advance.
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