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100 Theme Basket Ideas

16 years 4 months ago #82369 by msychel
I have been working on our theme basket raffle/art show that we have around Valentine's Day. I started brain storming on ideas for theme baskets to give the room parents who are coordinating baskets for each class. The ideas just kept flowing.

I know this plae has been such a help to me & our PTO so I thought maybe I could help someone.

I am lisitng them here. Some pertain to our location, but you could change them to fit your location.


Be creative in what kind of “basket” to wrap in. A bucket (so many kinds), umbrella baby stroller, trash can, laundry basket, a hat, the ideas are endless.

This is just a list that might help spark more ideas.

1. Legos/Click It’s
2. Spa/Bath Products
3. Golf &/or Fishing
4. Movie Night (DVD’s &/or Blockbuster rental, popcorn, movie theater candy)
5. Romantic Night Out (Dinner, concert, ballet, show, maybe even babysitting)
6. Family Night Out for 4 (Family friendly dinner, a movie)
7. Local Sports Tickets (Lobo’s, Isotopes, Scorpions)
8. Camping supplies
9. Candy/Chocolates
10. Music
11. Candles
12. Housewarming
13. Kitching gadgets
14. Baking gadgets
15. Pasta or Mexican Dinner (all the fixin’s)
16. Bread mixes
17. Baby
18. BBQ
19. Certificate for photo shoot and frames
20. Art supplies – kids/teens/adults
21. Teas
22. Coffees
23. Books – Kids/Teens/Adults
24. Tools
25. Raggedy Ann
26. Disney – or Specific Disney Characters
27. Stamps – crafting
28. Scrapbooking
29. Sewing
30. Journaling
31. Nascar
32. Any Sport
33. Football Team
34. Baseball Team
35. Isotopes or Scorpions or Lobo’s
36. Museum passes for 4 (Natural History, Explora, Art Museum, Rattlesnake, Coal Mining, Atomic)
37. Tie- Dye – Purchase items or kids can make
38. Computer software
39. Games
40. Teddy Bears
41. Baseball Cards
42. Diaper Cake
43. Gardening
44. Greeting cards/ notecards
45. Kids homemade cards – each make 4
46. Exercise
47. Hair Accessories
48. Burt’s Bee’s
49. Bath Towels
50. Safety Products
51. Barbie
52. Quilt Lovers
53. Models (Airplane/Cars/Trains)
54. Disposable Cameras, albums, and frames
55. Pampered Chef
56. Mary Kay
57. Homemade Gourmet
58. Tupperware
59. School Supplies (great for parents to send in extra’s they bought)
60. School Spirit
61. Teacher/Office Supplies
62. Car Wah
63. Boys Toys Variety
64. Girls Toys Variety
65. Junie B. Jones
66. Salsa
67. Hot Wheels
68. Educational
69. Picnic
70. Summer/Beach (Fall, Winter, or Spring)
71. Seasonings & Spices
72. Any Holiday
73. Beanie Babies
74. Cleaning Supplies
75. Wrapping supplies (wrapping paper, bows, tape wrapping paper container)
76. Eagles Mascot
77. Mother’s Day
78. Father’s Day
79. Patriotic
80. Angels
81. For Dogs Only
82. For Cat Only
83. Mini Fish Tank, food, decorations & gift certificate to pet store for fish
84. Science Items
85. First Aid
86. Men’s Ties
87. PBS Kids (Look at for all the shows)
88. Automotive - Prepaid gas cards, oil, auto emergency kit
89. Healthly Snacks
90. Junk Food Snacks
91. Child’s Bath Toys
92. Sundae Toppings
93. Travel (travel games, word search, travel toiletries)
94. Cookbooks
95. Different Flavored Popcorns
96. Play-doh
97. Crayola
98. Non-perishable New Mexico Foods
99. Hats
100. Fun Socks (all same size)
7 years 3 months ago #164714 by Craig

Editor in Chief
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