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Looking for Ladies Night Out Entertainment Ideas

13 years 11 months ago #84305 by <Rebeckola>
Looking for Ladies Night Out Entertainment Ideas was created by <Rebeckola>
We usually do a luncheon/ fashion show for our basket auction fundraiser. This year. we'll be doing an evening in early February and would like to try something new. Three years ago we had an Elvis impersonator- horrible! Any better ideas for entertainment out there?
13 years 11 months ago #84306 by Debbie Tryzbiak
Our Rotary Club usually does a "Casino Night" auction every year. They include dinner (provided by a local restaurant)and have a live auction then for the BIG gifts. Then we all go into a separate room where all the baskets are on tables that line the walls of the room. In the middle of the room are many different casino tables (Black Jack, Craps, Roullette (sp?) etc.) with dealers at each. There's also a bar in the far corner. The 'casino' workers are hired from an entertainment group that was listed in our local phone book. The silent auction goes on at the same time people are playing games. Chips are used for the games until the end of the night and then the chips get cashed in for raffle tickets. There are usually 10-15 smaller gifts that are at the front of the room to put your tickets in for a drawing. Everyone has a great time and the Rotary usually makes a ton of money for a local charity.

13 years 11 months ago #84307 by <Rebeckola>
Replied by <Rebeckola> on topic RE: Looking for Ladies Night Out Entertainment Ideas
Does anyone have any thoughts about a comedian or a ballroom dancing demo a la Dancing With the Stars? We usually just have a 20 minute entertainment to break up the baskets. We usually have 125+ baskets.
13 years 11 months ago #84308 by ranroo
We did a ballroom dancing thing for our event this past February. We called it "One Red Hot Night" and had a couple that did some really hot sexy ballroom dancing numbers as the entertainment. We ended up hiring a couple from an entertainment company, but I would check out the local dance studios to see if they would recommend anyone. If fact one of the dance studios even gave us a very generous donation (several private dance lessons - worth $300) for a Raffle Basket. We also had the local high school dance team do a Can Can to start off the entertainment which was really well received. Alot of dancing was done by everyone that nite.
13 years 11 months ago #84309 by m2gymmom
i've never ran one of these, but i have been to them. a jewelry bash, you buy a ticket with a number on it for $20 and they supply cheap food(chicken, rigs, salad, potatoe salad, etc.). you get a local jewelry dealer to sponser your organization. then the jewelry is then purchased with the money from the tickets. every 15 minutes a piece of jewelry is raffled off like a lottery. meanwhile, other pieces of jewelry is on the floor being raffled off with stip tickets for anywhere from $2-$5. children were not aloud there of course. no one under 21. nice time and from what i hear good fundraiser. i would imagine though alot of work.
13 years 11 months ago #84310 by jsrmom
Ours is a big hit every year. We play Military Bridge and include a Tricky Tray and 50/50 raffle.
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